ELDORA, Colorado

1st Program January 31st - February 2nd, 2018

2nd Program March 7th - 9th, 2018



Situated at 9,200 feet above sea level and a short 21 mile drive from Boulder, CO, Eldora is the home mountain for many on our Leadership in the Fall Line team.  We couldn’t ask for a better home mountain.  With 680 skiable acres filled with a variety of terrain, there’s something for everyone.  From the perfectly groomed runs on the lower mountain, steep glades and chutes, and everything in between, we find ourselves doing more work on the slopes at Eldora than at the office most winters!

The first bi-annual Eldora program is scheduled to run late January which is the ideal time of the year with optimal ski conditions.  This new program is Intentionally scheduled to accommodate all of our busy schedules.  We spend Wednesday evening together locally in Boulder followed by full days on Thursday and Friday on the slopes at Eldora.

Leadership in the Fall Line Eldora is a local experience geared towards working professionals seeking to expand leadership abilities, define purpose and value in both work and personal life, create new business connections, and improve alpine skiing strengths and skill.  Whether your entire team wants to join us, or just you solo, this program is for you!  

Who facilitates Leadership in the Fall Line®?

You’ll be working with a handful of premier ski coaches. The Leadership in the Fall Line® team is comprised of the top ski instructors in the United States, examiners from the Rocky Mountains, and members of the PSIA National Alpine Team. 

Among these instructors are our world-renowned leadership coaches. Using their years of consulting experience and The Miick Tools, our coaches guide your successful performance and growth.


During our event conditions change and decisions get made in the moment: When to turn, how much edge to use, how much energy to expend. Habits emerge; some serve and some do not. In our program, new learning and skills are established in places you would not think possible. Step in, develop your abilities to manage energy, celebrate strengths and new learning that gets you to balance, grace, speed, and effectiveness. These are lessons for a lifetime.

The program will begin on Wednesday evening with a welcome gathering in Boulder at a local eatery.  Over beverages and appetizers we’ll jump into goal setting and preparation for the two days ahead on the slopes.

Thursday and Friday we’ll meet at Eldora for two days packed full of learning, growing, and BEing on the snow!  Each day lunch, snacks and apres skiing will be included in our private meeting area in the base lodge.

Resources for suggested local lodging, transportation options to and from the mountain, as well as ticket and rental information will be sent to each participant upon registration.

Tangible Takeaways from our Program

Decision making awareness / answers to:

  • What do I take for granted? 
  • What is it right in front of me that I’ve never (either seen or) experienced as true and possible?
  • How do I track multiple truths in one group or even in one person?
  • How do I find direction in “grey” areas?

Communication skills:

  • Drama reduction (70%) in self and in others
  • Sales close rate: our stat is that sales performance rises from 20 - 40%… 
  • Using data/metrics, instead of made up stories, to makedecisions
  • Conflict resolution
  • Introvert/extrovert connections
  • Improve coaching/delegation skills
  • How to create Safe Space®  in the workplace                

Skiing skill awareness:

  • Bio-mechanical movements, concepts, intellectual constructs, and sensory awareness that will lead to 200 - 400% efficiency during our time together.   
  • You’ll own your new awareness and movement patterns.

Our Leadership retreat will offer you the chance to ski into fearless decision making that will impact you both personally and professionally for a lifetime.


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